How To Deal With Destiny 2 Champion

The concept Champions in Destiny 2 was introduced in the Shadowkeep Extension and they are mostly found in PvE activities such as Master & Legend lost sectors, Nightfall: The Ordeal, Raids & Master raids, Master dungeon, and some sectors on The Moon.

Champions are enemies that provide another challenge to Guardians in PvE activities. They also come with unique abilities that are only available to specific types of champions. You can recognize them by their color which is a bit dark brownish and they also have a type of covering on them that makes them look different.

Let’s talk more about these champions in detail down below.

Champions In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Champions: What Are They?

The Destiny 2 champions are divided into three categories and those are

  • Barrier Champions
  • Overload Champions
  • Unstoppable Champions

Now, these champions come with different types of abilities. Another fact is that all three types of champions are not available in all the races and each race has only two types of champions.

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How To Deal With Destiny 2 Champions

Barrier Champions

Barrier champions generate a barrier around themselves and start regenerating health when their health drops below 3/4 or 2/3 of their total health. When the barrier is over them, they regenerate most of their health, and all attacks during this time bounce off them, it also includes supers and other abilities. Even the guardians who enter the shields get disoriented too.

Destiny 2 Barrier Champions

The only way to break the shields is to equip seasonal anti-barrier mods. Apart from that, you can also use Exotic Weapons that come with shield breaking intrinsic perks such as The Lament, Eriana’s Vow, Arbalest. Barrier Champions can be found in Hive, Vex, Cabal, and Fallen.

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Overload Champions

Overload Champions have more health than the barrier champions and they are very immune to stun and staggering. Once their health reaches 2/3 or 3/4, they start regenerating their health. These champions are very aggressive and they also have increased ability regeneration. This can be specifically seen in the Fallen Captains and Taken Hobgoblins.

Destiny 2 Overload Champions

These champions can be dealt with seasonal overload mods. Along with that, Exotic weapons that have overload intrinsic perks can stun them such as Divinity. Any weapon with disruption abilities can lower its damage output and delay its regeneration abilities. Overload Champions can be found in Vex, Fallen, Taken, and Scorn.

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Unstoppable Champions

Unstoppable Champions have the highest amount of health and they are immune to stuns and staggering. These champions will keep chasing you until they are stunned or you are dead. They don’t regenerate their health.

Destiny 2 Unstoppable Champions

They can be stunned with Unstoppable season mods and also with Exotic weapons that come with unstoppable intrinsic perks such as Devil’s Ruin, Leviathan’s Breath, and Bastion. They cannot be stunned while firing in the hip-fire mode, ADS’ing for a moment is necessary for that. Unstoppable Champions can be found in Hive, Taken, Cabal, and Scorn.

Note: The Exotic weapons that come with anti-champion perks can only perform what they are meant to do. They won’t have double stacking anti-champion perks. 

So, that’s it and that is how you can deal with Destiny 2 champions. We hope that the information here would be of help to you.

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