Steps To Get Destiny 2 Eyes Of Tomorrow

Destiny 2 has introduced quite a lot of great weapons in the game like Anarchy, One Thousand Voices, Vex Mythoclast, Xenophage, Divinity, Gjallarhorn, etc. Along with all these great weapons in the game, there is another weapon called Eyes Of Tomorrow.

Eyes Of Tomorrow is an Exotic Solar rocket launcher, and as it is an exotic weapon, it comes with an intrinsic perk called “Adaptive Ordnance.” This perk states that when four or more enemies are killed in a single volley, the damage of the next volley is increased. Along with this perk, there is another perk called Eyes On All, and it provides the weapon with the capacity to track and fire at multiple enemies simultaneously.

Now, how do you get this weapon?

How To Get Destiny 2 Eyes Of Tomorrow?

Eyes of Tomorrow is a raid exotic weapon and can only be obtained from the successful completion of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. The Deep Stone Crypt raid came out with the Beyond Light expansion and is only available to the people who purchased the expansion.

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Deep Stone Crypt is pretty easy to complete, and you need a fireteam of Six to run it. That’s the easy part! The hard part is to obtain the weapon. Since it is a raid exotic, the drop rate of this weapon is very low. If you are super lucky, you might get this weapon on the first run itself; otherwise, some guardians have run this raid hundreds of times and still have not got this weapon to drop.

But there are a few ways to make it easier. You can run the whole raid on one of your characters and then jump off the map during the final boss encounter. Now, this will provide you with a checkpoint for the raid, and you can have all the other teammates start the raid before starting the encounter; you can change the character and finish the raid on one character.

Now, what happens is that you can load into the character with which you originally started the raid and ask your teammates to bring in their other characters. When they join in, all of you can jump off the map and join the raid with another character and then complete the raid.

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And when that is done, you can finally join with the original character you started the riad and complete it. This will provide you with a chance to complete the raid three times a week and increase your chances of getting the weapon.

Not just the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, you can do this for all raids and all encounters of a raid, but the Garden Of Salvation raid is an exception. This is because the GoS exotic weapon is quest-based and can be achieved on the first run itself.

Note: Some encounters in the raid have Champions, so make sure to have the necessary champion mods equipped to tackle them. 

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Is Eyes Of Tomorrow Worth The Grind?

Eyes of Tomorrow is an excellent heavy weapon, but the problem is that there are better heavy weapons in the game, and this is also why this doesn’t see much use in Strikes and Endgame content. But it is used in both The Crucible and Gambit, and that is because of its tracking capability. So, if you are into Crucible and Gambit, you can grind for this weapon, but there are other weapons that can replace Eyes Of Tomorrow.

So, that’s it and if you want the weapon, then start grinding for it now!

Happy Gaming!

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