How to get coldheart

Coldheart is an exotic energy trace-rifle, and as this weapon is in the energy slot, this weapon puts out arc damage. The weapon was originally available to the players who pre-ordered Destiny 2, but now this weapon can drop from doing random activities or playlist activities in the game. 

Apart from that, players can obtain this weapon from exotic engrams and can be bought from Xur when he sells the weapon in exchange for legendary shards. This weapon has seen a lot of gameplay during year one of destiny, but as the meta shifted in the game, the popularity of this weapon has diminished. One rarely gets to see this weapon being used in the game because there are better energy trace rifles such as Divinity that put out better arc damage. 

Though Divinity is a raid exclusive exotic, the Coldheart is an easy option for those who are looking for an arc trace rifle. So, how to upgrade Coldheart in destiny 2?

Destiny 2 How To Upgrade Coldheart

Coldheart is just like any other weapon out there in the game, and it follows the same method as other weapons. You need to have a few things to get that done. 

  • A weapon that can get an upgrade.
  • An upgrade Module.
  • A weapon of the same weapon type that can be sacrificed. 

Go into the weapon details of the game and then move your cursor to the first box under the Weapons Mods section. Choose the weapon that you want to infuse, and that’s it. You would need an upgrade module to carry out that action. 

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But that’s not all; the weapon also comes with a Catalyst. So how do you obtain the Coldheart Catalyst?

destiny 2 coldheart

How To Obtain Coldheart Catalyst?

Well, the Coldheart Catalyst can be obtained by defeating challenging enemies in Nightfall strikes above the Heroic difficulty level, i.e., Hero, Legend, Master, Grandmaster. But obtaining it won’t be enough; you need to complete the objectives provided in the catalyst and receive the perks that come with the catalyst.

In order to complete the Coldheart catalyst, you need first to insert it into the catalyst socket of the weapon. After that, you need to defeat 500 enemies with Coldheart itself to start getting the benefits of the weapon.

The Coldheart Catalyst makes the weapon much better as it provides the weapon with increased stability and increases the weapon’s reload speed by 18. This provides the weapon with what it was lacking, and thus it can be used in much more challenging activities.

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So, that is how to upgrade Coldheart in destiny 2 and also obtain the Coldheart catalyst. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.

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