How To Level Up Faster In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players are quite familiar with the struggle to reach max power level and it’s quite frustrating as well, as sometimes you need to keep grinding just to get that one specific item that will let you hit max power. Now, you can be a returning player or you can be a brand new player and this post will help you to level up faster in all seasons of Destiny 2.

Before we get to the meat of this content there are a few things that you need to understand and this is especially for the new players. The first thing is the Power Level Cap, which is divided into 4 parts i.e. Starting Light Level, Soft Cap, Hard Cap, and Pinnacle Cap.

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Destiny 2 Max Power Level Cap

In The Witch Queen expansion, the starting power level has been set to 1350 and this is set for both returning players and new players. All gear obtained in the game would have a power level of 1350 or more. Here is the power level required to hit each level cap.

  • Soft Cap – 1500
  • Hard Cap – 1550
  • Pinnacle Cap – 1560

Note: The Pinnacle cap will increase by 10 power levels every season. For example, the pinnacle cap in Season 16 is 1560 and in Season 17 the Pinnacle cap will be set to 1570 and the other power power caps would follow suit. 

You need to plan accordingly to reach the soft cap first and then move to the hard cap and then the pinnacle cap.

destiny 2 Powerful Gear Sources

The soft cap i.e. Power level of 1500 can be reached by equipping higher power level gears and they can be obtained by doing almost anything in the game. After you reach the soft cap, not all gear drops will provide you with higher power level gear and only Powerful gear will help you in progressing to the hard cap i.e. 1550. Powerful gears can be obtained by doing specific activities in the game. Pinnacle Cap i.e. 1560 can be reached by acquiring pinnacle gear only and they can be obtained by doing very specific activities in the game. 

Here are all the sources from where you can earn Powerful and Pinnacle gear.

Powerful Gear Sources

  • All Vendors Weekly Target (8 Bounties Each)
  • Major Vendor Rank Ups
  • Altar Of Reflections. (2 Completions)
  • Weekly Campaign Mission Completions
  • Survival Playlist (7 Round Wins)
  • Trails Of Osiris (3 Wins)
  • The Wellspring Completions (3 Runs)
  • Weekly Fynch Reputation
  • Clan Rewards
  • Nightfall Completion (First Weekly Completion)
  • Prime Engrams
  • Legend And Master Lost Sectors
  • Grasp Of Avarice (First 2 Encounters)
  • Vault Of Glass Raid
  • Seasonal Activities.

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Pinnacle Gear Sources

  • All 3 Playlist Activities (3 Matches Completion)
  • Grasp Of Avarice (Final Encounter)
  • Dares Of Eternity (250K Score)
  • Vox Obscura
  • Saint-14 (Win 50 Rounds)
  • Trials Of Osiris (Win 7 Matches)
  • Legend Glory Rank
  • Iron Banner Bounties (4 Bounties)
  • Weekly Campaign Missions (100K Score)
  • The Wellspring (First Master Completion)
  • PsiOps Battlegrounds (10 Champion Final Blows)
  • Vow Of The Disciple Raid (4 Rewards).

So, these are all the sources of Powerful and Pinnacle Gear and you need to complete them to reach hard and pinnacle cap respectively. Now, let’s move on to how you can level up fast in Destiny 2.

How To Level Up Fast In Destiny 2

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind if you want to level up fast in d2.

  • The first thing that you need to understand about leveling up faster is the fact that your power level is the average of the power level of all the gear that you are using.
  • Another thing that you need to understand is that you should never dismantle any gear with a higher power level than the ones you are having; you can either infuse them or use them. And in the event that you need to dismantle a gear make sure to check the power level before dismantling. 
  • Play on all Three characters as this will help you in accumulating XP faster.
  • Plan and Play. Don’t be a machine and start farming one or two activities over and over again. Check the rewards before doing an activity.

Powerful and Pinnacle gear activities destiny 2

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These are some tips that will help in leveling up faster. Now, check the guides provided below about how you can reach each cap faster.

The Soft Cap

Reaching the Soft Cap is the easiest part and that can be done by doing the campaign mission. The gear dropped is either Legendary or Rare gear which is also known as Blue gear and they are quite important to reach the soft cap. So, don’t just mindlessly dismantle them, check the power level of these gear before dismantling.

Apart from the campaign missions, you can get Blue gear from chests, which can also reward Legendary gear. You can also join public events to get blue gear or complete all quests that provide you with gears. So, basically what you need to do is play a lot and you can quite easily reach the soft cap.

The Hard Cap

This is quite easy as well but Blue gear drops won’t help you in progressing faster as only Powerful and Pinnacle gear sources will help in getting to the hard cap limit.

Powerful and Pinnacle gear activities can only be seen after hitting soft cap. 

Tips To Level Up Fast In Destiny 2

The best way to reach herd cap fast is to equalize the power level of your gear. So how do you do that? As mentioned earlier, your power level is the average of all the power levels of your gear. So, what you need to do is bring up the power level of the gear that is lacking.

For example, your kinetic weapon has a power level of 1547 and but your average power level is 1548, so what you need to do is do activities that provide powerful gear, and that way you can quite easily bring all your gear to your average level. You can check the powerful gear source list provided above.

The Pinnacle Cap

Only Pinnacle gear drops can help you in progressing after reaching the hard cap. You can refer to the example that was mentioned above to make the pinnacle cap climb easier and faster.

When you hit pinnacle cap all prime engrams drops at your pinnacle cap.

But is there a need for this mindless grinding? Well, there is!

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Why You Should Increase Your Power Level?

The need for one to increase their power level is that most activities in the game have Power level limits and if you are below the power level you would quite easily die due to the attacks of enemies.

Now, there are quite a few activities in the game as well which won’t allow you to participate in them if you are underpowered such as Grandmaster Nightfalls. So, it is very essential to increase the power level as this would help in dealing more damage to the enemies.

destiny 2 Pinnacle Gear Sources

Tips To Level Up Fast In Destiny 2

If you are new to the game, it could be quite frustrating in climbing the pinnacle cap without a fireteam but there are a few activities that can help you progress faster.

Playing On All Characters

Destiny 2 provides you the facility to play on all three classes i.e. Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. So why not utilize them all? But how do you do it?

Play on your main character and after leveling the weapons to their max on one character, transfer them to the next, and then rinse and repeat. This way you can drastically increase the power level of your character.

Easy Pinnacle And Powerful Sources

Most Pinnacle sources need a fireteam for completion but there are few sources that can be done quite easily such as the Playlist strikes, Crucible and Gambit. You can also do the weekly 100K Nightfall, Trials Of Osiris, etc.

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Why You Should Increase Your Power Level


There are two types of engrams Prime and Umbral. The Prime Engrams always drops at your current bas power level and the umbral always drops at the hard cap.

So, there you have it, this is how you can level up faster in destiny 2 and also reach destiny 2 max power level fast. Power level is very important in Destiny 2 and the reason being that most of the content in the game become easier when you have a higher power level and accessible as well. We hope this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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