Destiny 2 Xenology Guide

Xur is probably the shadiest character in Destiny 2 and every week he comes bearing gifts. The gifts mostly consist of an Exotic Engram, One Exotic Weapon, Three Exotic Armor (one for each class), and some legendary weapons & legendary gear set. Along with all those, he also brings with him an Exotic quest called “Xenology.

The Xenology quest is a quest that starts with Xur and ends with Xur. This quest is only offered by Xur and after the completion, you need to run back to him to grab the reward. The reward is an Exotic Cipher, which will offer you the opportunity with getting an exotic weapon either from Xur or from the Monument Of Lost Lights. So, here is how you complete the Destiny 2 Xenology quest.

How To Complete Destiny 2 Xenology Quest

Here are the steps that you need to follow the complete the Xenology quest.

  • Find Xur
  • Grab The Quest: A Question
  • Complete The Quest: An Answer
  • Find Xur Again.

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How To Get Exotic Cipher

Step 1: Find Xur

Every week Xur arrives on Friday reset, and he stays there till the weekly reset, that is Tuesday. He can be found in one of the below-mentioned locations

  • The Hangar (Tower)
  • The Winding Cove ( The EDZ)
  • Watcher’s Grave (Nessus).

Step 2: Grab The Quest: A Question

The next part of the quest is to grab the quest. And as mentioned before, the Destiny 2 Xenology quest can only be grabbed from only from Xur. So after finding him, you need to get the quest from his vendor screen. The quest will appear in your inventory and it will show you the objective that you need to complete to finish the quest.

Step 3: Complete The Quest: An Answer

To complete the quest you need to complete Strikes or Nightfalls or you need to win Crucible or Gambit matches. The Crucible matches also include Trails Of Osiris and Iron Banner.

You need to complete a total of 21 activities to complete it. The fastest way to get it done is to complete the given activities with your clanmates as that provides bonus progress.

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Destiny 2 Xenology Guide

Step 4: Find Xur Again

After the completion of the 21 activities, the quest step will update and you will have to go find Xur again. When that is done, he will provide you with an Exotic Cipher.

Now, with the necessary resources, you can go to the tower and choose any weapons from the Monument Of Lost Lights. Also, it is not mandatory that you grab the quest in one week and claim the reward the same week. You can grab the quest anytime when Xur is available.

You can only have one Exotic Cipher in your inventory and you won’t be able to grab another Xenology Quest when you have it. 

So, there you have it, This is how you complete the Destiny 2 Xenology quest. Hopefully, this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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