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Destiny 2 has/had quite a lot of iconic hand cannons. With the Beyond Light expansion, quite a lot of them got sunset i.e. power level capped which made these weapons unable to be used in higher-level contents and the Austringer was one of them. Austringer made its way into Destiny 2 in season seven, Season of Opulence, though the season was not that great, its weapons definitely were.

Austringer is a 140 RPM kinetic hand cannon that is reintroduced in Season of The Haunter of the Witch Queen expansion. The weapon is a direct contender of hand cannons such as The Palindrome, Eyasluna, Fatebringer, etc. But how do you get this weapon?

How To Get Austringer Destiny 2

There are two ways to get the weapon the first one is easy and will need you to grind some activities. The second one however will need you to grind even more but the end result will be so much better.

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Method 1: Opulent Chests

Opulent Chests can be found in the Royal Pool and Pleasure Gardens. There are two opulent chests in each area. To open these chests you need Opulent Keys which can be obtained from the Tier III chest of the Nightmare containment activity in the Castellum. They can also be obtained by opening random chests in the Royal Pool or Pleasure Garden.

If you keep opening Opulent Chests then you will be able to get a solid roll of the weapon and be satisfied with it or you can follow the next method.

Method 2: Weapon Crafting

Austringer is the first-hand cannon that can be crafted and to do that you need to get five deepsight resonant versions of the weapon. These can be obtained by focusing umbral engrams at the Crown Of Sorrows in the H.E.L.M. For that, you need to unlock the opulent weapons crafting upgrade at the Crown of Sorrows. After having those, you can head to the relic on mars and craft the weapon. But most importantly you need to get least one Austringer from the opulent chest before you are able to get the deepsight resonant versions.

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The perks at the beginning won’t be that great but you can keep using it and craft one with enhanced perks.

Which Perks Do You Need On Austringer?

Since the weapon is craftable you can choose any of the perks that are available in its perk pool. But the combination of Enhanced Outlaw/Enhanced Triple Tap and Enhanced Demolistinist/Enhanced Rampage/Enhanced Frenzy would be a great combination for PvE.

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For PvP, the combination of Enhanced Eye Of The Storm/Enhanced Snapshot Sights and Enhanced Rangefinder/Enhanced Opening Shot would be a great combination.

So, this is how you can get Austringer Destiny 2. We hope this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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