How To Get Dead Man's Tale Destiny 2

So you want to get your hands on Dead Man’s Tale Destiny 2? The process of acquiring this weapon is quite different from Hawkmoon as it is much shorter. Well, this post will provide you with all the information that is needed to get this weapon.

Dead Man’s Tale is a Kinetic 120 RPM Exotic Scout Rifle. This weapon can only be obtained by completing the Presage Quest on The Tangled Shore and for that, the Season Pass for The Season Of The Chosen is needed.

So, how do you get your hand on that?  Well, here is how you get it.

Update: After the Witch Queen expansion the questline for this weapon is no longer available in Destiny 2 and now this weapon needs to be purchased from Xur.

How To Get Dead Man’s Tale Destiny 2

There are basically four steps that you need to complete to get this weapon and those steps are

  1. Start The Arms Deal Strike
  2. Speak to Zavala in the tower
  3. Complete the Exotic Quest: Presage
  4. Speak to Zavala again in the tower

Step 1: Start The Arms Dealer Strike

First of all, you need to get into The Arms Dealer Strike to receive the Intercepted Distress Signal. You can load the strike directly from the Map of EDZ as that would be the easiest. Generally, guardians go to the left side after clearing off the ads in the first area but instead go towards the big door on the right. Clear all the ads there and head to the big clearing and there you will receive an Intercepted Distress Signal.

Step 2: Speak To Zavala In The Tower

Visit Zavala in the tower and he will provide you with “The Voice On The Other Sidequest. He will explain what the Intercepted Distress Signal means.

Step 3: Complete Presage

After picking up the quest, go to the map of The Tangled Shore, and there on the top left corner, you will be able to see a new Exotic Quest: Presage. Load up the quest and complete it.

Step 4: Speak To Zavala Again

After completing the quest, you are required to go back to the tower again and speak to Zavala. He will provide you with the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle.

But the weapon provided by Zavala won’t have a third perk and if you want to get your hands on one, then you need to run the mission again. The third perk on this weapon is random and you can just keep running this mission until you get your desired roll on this weapon.

This weapon comes with a catalyst and to achieve that you need to complete the Presage quest on Master difficulty, which is not so easy to complete as it comes with a time limit of 25 mins. The catalyst is time-gated and for that, you need to collect all the Captain’s Logs and open all the smuggling compartments.

And that is how to get Dead Man’s Tale Destiny 2.

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