How To Get Divinity Destiny 2

The Shadowkeep Expansion of Destiny 2 might not have been as good as Forsaken but it did introduce some great Exotic weapons such as the Xenophage, Deathbringer, Eriana’s Vow, etc. These were and still are top-tier weapons and there is another weapon that made broke the game when it came out and that is Divinity.

Divinity is an Exotic 1000 RPM Arc trace-rifle that comes with the exotic perk Judgment, which provides the weapon to envelop a target in a field that weakens and stuns them when sustained damage is done with this weapon. It also has another perk called Penance, which lets the weapon do a burst of damage against the targets that are under the effects of judgment for a period of time. This weapon is specifically strong against Overload Champions.

This is a raid exclusive weapon but not a random drop like the other raid exclusive weapons such as One Thousand Voices, Eyes Of Tomorrow & Vex Mythoclast. To acquire this weapon you need the quest to drop and complete the steps accordingly and after the completion of all the steps, you need to hop on to the Garden Of Salvation Raid and solve a few puzzles. After all this, you need to kill the Sanctified Mind, the Final Boss of the Raid, and open the chest along with the final chest of the Raid and that will give you Divinity.

garden of salvation divinity

So, how to get Divinity Destiny 2?

Well, just follow the steps provided here and you will be able to get your hands on Divinity.

How To Get Divinity Destiny 2

To get Divinity you need to have the Shadowkeep expansion of the game. If you have that then you need to follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Vex portal In Lunar Battlegrounds and kill all Vex.
  • Scan all Three Oracles in Lost Sectors On Nessus.
  • Kill 120 Vex on Moon to Get Decryption Cores.
  • Buy Empowered Decryption Core from Lectern Of Enchantment.
  • Solve Puzzles and complete the Garden Of Salvation Raid.

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Step 1: Visit Vex Portal In Lunar Battlegrounds And Kill Vex

So, how to get Divinity quest destiny 2? Well, the quest for Divinity is not with any Vendor, rather you need to kill Zeteon, Redemptive Mind to get the quest to drop. Where is Zeteon? Well, you need to go to Sorrow’s Harbor and there you need to head south of the Red Bridge in the right-hand direction from where you spawn.

vex gate Destiny 2

After crossing the bridge keep going forward till you arrive at the Lunar Battlegrounds. Just as you arrive there keep to the left side of the area until you arrive in front of a Cave. Go inside the cave until you see a Vex Portal. Go near the portal and Vex will start to spawn. Kill all Vex until Zeteon arrives. Kill Zeteon and you will be provided with the Divine Fragmentation quest, which is the Divinity d2 quest.

Step 2: Scan All Three Oracles In Lost Sectors On Nessus

The first part of the quest will ask you to analyze Vex Cores. For that, you need to travel to Nessus and visit the three Lost Sectors mentioned below.

  • The Orrey: This lost sector can be found in Artifact’s Edge on Nessus. Just after you travel there, go down from where you spawn. Just after that on your left-hand side, you will be able to see a big opening, go near that and there will be a lost sector there below that space. Go into the lost sector and until you are halfway there, you will be able to see some ledges on the left-hand side. Go up and enter the opening in the ledge and there you will find an Oracle. Scan that and some enemies will appear. Kill them all and then you need to scan the Oracle again.

the orrey oracle destiny 2

  • Ancient’s Haunt: This lost sector is in The Tangle on Nessus. Travel to that lost sector and go inside. Keep on to the left wall of the cave until to come onto a cave behind a big rock. Go inside and scan the oracle. Enemies will appear, kill them and then scan the oracle again.

Ancients haunt oracle destiny 2

  • The Conflux: This lost sector can be found in The Cistern area on Nessus. There will be some beams of energy in the room there. Look for the first beam on the right and after that look at the right side just beside the beam. You will find an opening there, go into that and an Oracle will be there. Scan it and kill all the enemies that appear. After that scan the oracle again.

The conflux oracle destiny 2

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Step 3: Kill Vex On The Moon

For the second step of the quest, you need to kill 120 Vex on the moon. Since there are very few Vex on the moon, the best place to go is the Lunar Battlegrounds. There you can visit the vex cave and kill all vex there. After that load into Sorrows Harbour and then visit the cave again. This will hopefully complete the quest, if not rinse the repeat the same process until it does.

Step 4: Purchase Empowered Decryption Core

This requires you to purchase an empowered decryption core from the lectern of enchantment on the moon. This core will be visible on the lectern only when you are on the third step of the quest. For purchasing it, you would be needing 30 phantasmal fragments.

Empowerment Core Divinity Destiny 2

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Step 5: Complete The Garden Of Salvation Raid

The final step of the quest would ask you to go into the raid and finish it. Not just that you would also need to solve some puzzles otherwise the Divinity Chest after the final encounter won’t appear.

So, how many puzzles are there?

There is a total of Seven puzzles in the raid that need to be solved and for that, you need to have a fireteam of six people. The following video made by Datto would provide you with all the information needed to solve the puzzles in the raid.

So, can you get Divinity destiny 2022? Yes, you can and this is how to get Divinity Destiny 2 2022. We hope that this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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