How To Get Forerunner Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2

A bunch of new weapons and armors has been introduced in the game with the 30th-Anniversary update. Among all these, the most exciting loot are the new Exotic weapons which are the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher and Forerunner Exotic Sidearm. Though the Gjallarhorn is the weapon that is stealing all the spotlight but the Forerunner Sidearm is not lagging behind.

It’s always been said and regarded that Sidearms don’t see much play in the game in both PvP and PvE. The reason behind that is the fact that they have low damage potential in comparison to other weapons and they take quite a lot of time to kill enemies.

All of these changes with the Forerunner, the reason is that it uses Special Ammo instead of Primary Ammo. Now, the damage potential of this weapon is huge, and that is because of the intrinsic perk of this weapon. The intrinsic perk of this weapon allows it to deal increased damage against unshielded combatants. Well, that’s that, now let’s talk about how to get this weapon.

How To Get Forerunner Exotic Sidearm Destiny 2

The quest is very simple and straight forward and it’s quite easy to complete as well. But before you acquire the quest, you have to speak to Xur in Eternity and get done with all the reward-claiming part. When you are done with that you will get the Magnum Opus quest from Xur and you need to complete that to get the Forerunner Exotic Quest.

So, here are the steps that you need to complete to get the weapon.

  • Collect Seven Strange Coins.
  • Complete Bounties From Starthorse.
  • Obtain Strange Key.
  • Go Back To Eternity Activity Area.
  • Open Cryopod.
  • Talk To Banshee-44 In The Tower.

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Step 1: Collect Seven Strange Coins

The first step is very easy as you just need to collect Seven Strange coins. These coins can be earned by doing various activities such as Dares Of Eternity, Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, etc. You can also earn them from doing Xur and Banshee-44 bounties.

Forerunner Exotic Sidearm Destiny 2

Instead of going through other playlists, doing the Dares Of Eternity runs would be the right choice here as you it would help you in raking up your Xur levels.

Step 2: Complete Bounties From Starhorse

Now you need to complete Three Starhorse bounties. The Starhorse bounties are divided into categories: Bronze tier, Silver tier, and Gold tier. Now, you can complete 3 separate Bronze tier bounties or 1 silver tier & 1 bronzer tier, or a Gold tier.

Exotic Sidearm Destiny 2

Completing a Bronze tier would provide you with one progress point and a Silver Tier would provide you with 2 progress points and the Gold tier would provide you with 3 progress points. But the catch is that you can carry one bounty at a time and for completing the Gold tier bounty you need to play a Legend difficulty Dares of Eternity. The Legend difficulty doesn’t have matchmaking and also it has locked equipment.

Step 3: Obtain Strange Key From Xur

You need to obtain the Strange key from Xur in Eternity and for that, you need to be level 4. That is why it was recommended in Step 1 that you grind Dares Of Eternity as that will help you in completing both the activities.

Forerunner Exotic Sidearm

Step 4: Go Back To Eternity Activity Area

After obtaining the key, you need to go back to the glowing purple area behind you and that will take you to the Eternity activity area, and then you need to solve a small puzzle. The puzzle is on the right side of the area, where you have to line up some rock, which basically resembles the Bungie symbol.

How To Get Forerunner Sidearm Destiny 2

Step 5: Open Cryopod

After lining up those rocks a new area will be revealed and you need to follow the path and complete a jumping puzzle after that and then make your way to a Cryopod. This pod will provide you with an Anomalous Object.

How To Get Forerunner Destiny 2

Step 6: Talk To Banshee-44 In The Tower

After obtaining the Anomalous Object you need to visit Banshee-44 and that’s it. Banshee-44 will provide you with the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm.

How To Get Forerunner

And that’s how to get Forerunner Exotic Sidearm Destiny 2, but that is not the end of it. You need to obtain the Catalyst as well to get the best out of this weapon. So how do you get the Catalyst of the Weapon?

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How To Get Catalyst Of Forerunner Exotic Sidearm

The process of obtaining the Catalyst of the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm is easy but lengthy. You need to do a lot of grinding and reach Xur Rank 16 and then claim the Anamolous Access Card, which is the catalyst basically.

How To Get Exotic Sidearm Destiny 2

After obtaining the Catalyst you need to defeat 700 enemies with it and that it. Guardian kills with this weapon provide bonus progress.

So what does the Catalyst do?

The Catalyst provides you with a new ability called The Rock. The catalyst actually activates your secondary fire and consumes some of your ammo reserves. This turns your next grenade into a fragmentation grenade. which is similar to that of Halo.

And there you have it. We hope that the provided information about obtaining the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm Destiny 2 be of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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