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Sidearms have never been in the meta in Destiny 2 but slowly and steadily, they are gaining popularity and getting a lot of attention in the game. This started with the Forerunner sidearm that got introduced with the 30th Anniversary update in Destiny 2. Trials Of Osiris just added a new legendary sidearm in the game which is the Forgiveness Destiny 2.

Forgiveness is a Two burst aggressive sidearm that got introduced in the game in Season of the Haunted. This is a legendary arc sidearm that can dish out high damage. So, how do you get the weapon?

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How To Get Forgiveness Destiny 2?

Forgiveness can only be obtained through playing Trials Of Osiris. You can get it by ranking up with Saint-14 and after you have received the weapon once, you can focus farm it from Saint 14, to get your desired roll.

trials sidearm forgiveness

Forgiveness PvP And PvE God Roll Guide

The weapon can be used in both PvP and PvE. For PvP, the combination of Moving Target/Killing Wind and Rapid Hit/Adrenaline Junkie would be an excellent choice.

For PvE, the combination of Demolitionist/Subsistence and Adrenaline Junkie/Harmony would be an excellent choice. Vorpal weapon perk would also be a good choice in the last option but that would be only for low-tier to mid-tier content such as strikes and low-level Nightfalls. Tough Vorpal weapon received a 20% buff for Primary ammo weapons but that doesn’t mean that you are going to kill a boss using a vorpal sidearm.

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As for the Masterwork trait, you can go with Range for PvP, and for PvE, it’s your personal choice.

This weapon, like other Trails weapons, is not craftable and you need to farm for it the old-fashioned way. And like other trial weapons, this weapon also has an adept version, thus making it the first Adept Sidearm.

So, there you have it. This is how you can get Forgiveness Destiny 2.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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