How To Get Funnelweb In Destiny 2

The Recluse was one of the best SMGs in destiny 2 and to this day, players keep wishing for its return but let’s accept the fact that this weapon is not coming back. The Witch Queen expansion did provide us with Void 3.0 and along came with it were quite a lot of void weapons. Among those void weapons came a weapon that created quite an uproar in the d2 community and that weapon was Funnelweb Destiny 2. SO what’s so special about this weapon?

Funnelweb is a legendary 900 RPM Void SMG that can roll with quite a lot of great perks. This was reminded the guardians of The Recluse as it not only just looked like the recluse but also sounded and felt like it. Funnelweb is quite great in both PvP and PvE and can roll with quite a lot of great perks. The Funnelweb PvE god roll is Subsistence/Perpetual Motion and Frenzy/Adrenaline Junkie and the Funnelweb PvP god roll is Killing Wind/Steady Hand and Rangefinder/Elemental Capacitor for PvP. So, how do you get this weapon?

Funnelweb Destiny 2 engrams

How To Get Funnelweb Destiny 2

Funnelweb is a legendary weapon and is a world drop weapon and cannot be focused farmed at the moment. But there are a few ways by which you can obtain the weapon. Here are some of the ways of getting this weapon.

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There are a few different engrams in the game and the weapon can be obtained from Umbral Engrams, Prime Engrams, and Legendary Engrams. So don’t dismantle the engrams and start opening them.

How To Get Funnelweb Engrams

Vendor Rank Up

When you increase your rank with a vendor you receive e reward which you need to claim after visiting the vendor. So, you can increase your rank with all the vendors in the tower and open the engrams to try your luck in getting the weapon.

Killing Enemies

You can just visit an enemy-dense area and start killing enemies. Enemy-dense areas include Wellspring, Altar Of Sorrows, Grasp Of Avarice dungeon entrance, and Shuro-chi encounter in the Last Wish Raid.

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Tier 3 Deepsight

Tier 3 Deepsight increases the chances of getting the weapon but there is a catch. When you increase your reputation with Finch, don’t open any weapon or armor reward from him. By doing this you will only get world drop weapons from the Deepsight chests.

Funnelweb By Deepsight Destiny 2

Banshee-44 And Xur

These are the two vendors in the game from whom you can purchase weapons directly. So keep an eye out for what weapons Banshee-44 and Xur sell every week and if they sell Funnelweb Destiny 2, then you can buy it from them.

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So, there you have it and these are the ways by which you can get the Funnelweb Destiny 2. We hope this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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