How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2

Hand Cannon’s are always in the meta in Destiny 2, be it the Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard Strikes, and even Grandmaster Nightfalls, they make up an important part of the game. The Hawkmoon is an Exotic 140 RPM Hand Cannon, which was released to the season pass holders of Season of The Hunt, which was the first season of the Beyond Light expansion.

The weapon quest is not that long when compared to other weapons such as the Sleeper Simulant, etc. but guardians had to grind quite a lot in order to obtain the weapon. The Hawkmoon is also the first Exotic weapon in the game that is able to drop with random rolls in the third column.

So, how do you get it?

Update: After the Witch Queen expansion the questline for this weapon is no longer available in Destiny 2 and now this weapon needs to be purchased from Xur.

Well, you just need to pick up the quest from the Spider in The Tangled Shore and follow the steps that are asked of you and that is how you get this Hand Cannon. All the steps and what you need to be doing for completing those steps have been provided below.

How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2

There are basically 9 steps that a guardian needs to complete in order to get this weapon. So, here are all the steps.

  1. Pick the quest from Spider in The Tangled Shore.
  2. Find all Five Paracausal feathers from all the locations in the system.
  3. Speak to Crow in the Spider’s lair.
  4. Complete the “A Cry From Beyond” mission in the EDZ.
  5. Generate 50 Orbs of Power.
  6. Speak to the Crow again in the Spider’s Lair.
  7. Find more Paracausal feathers in the EDZ by investigating Marked Coordinates.
  8. Defeat Guardians in Crucible/Gambit or Defeat Champions all over the system.
  9. Complete the final mission “The Crow And The Hawk.”

So, here is a brief description of what you need to do in order to complete these steps as some of the steps could be quite problematic or time-consuming. Just follow these steps and it would be quite easy.

Step 1: Pick The Quest From Spider

Spider is the only vendor in The Tangled Shore and what you need to do is visit him and pick up the quest “As The Crow Flies.” (Make sure that you have the season pass for Season Of The Hunt and have also completed the Wrathborn Quest, else the quest won’t be visible when you try to get it from the Spider)

how to farm hawkmoon

Step 2: Find All Five Paracausal Feathers

This was the most irritating part of the quest, as it was quite hard to guess where all the feathers were but here are all the feather locations.

First Location

The first feather is just at the entrance of the Spider’s lair on top of one of the crate-like things. It will be glowing, so it’s fairly easy to spot it.

hawkmoon destiny 2 god roll

Second Location

For the second feather, you need to head to The Sludge in the EDZ. After you reach the landing zone there keep heading west until you see a broken walkway sticking out near the Lost Sector. (This is the lost sector that is in the middle of that area, Go to your map and it would be much easier for you)

how to farm hawkmoon destiny 2

Third Location

The third feather can be found in the Cosmodrome. Jump up as soon as you land in the Landing Zone near Shaw Han.

hawkmoon destiny 2 catalyst

Fourth Location

The next feather can be found in the dreaming city near the big door that leads to the Blind Well. The feather will be there on the left side as you are just about to enter the door.

destiny 2 hawkmoon catalyst

Final/Fifth Location

The last feather is there on the moon. You need to go to Archers Line and enter the Shire of Oryx. Now, after reaching that place head towards the northwest direction. Take the path that leads you through the Hall of Wisdom and keeping going through the tunnel-like pathway until you reach a large arena that has a central structure in the middle. The feather would be just near that central structure and you just need tp go around it.

best hawkmoon roll Destiny 2

Step 3: Speak To Crow

After collecting all the feathers, you need to back to the Spider’s lair and speak to Crow.

Step 4: Complete Quest A Cry From Beyond

You need to complete the quest and it will reward you with a part of the Hawkmoon.

Step 5: Generate 50 Orbs of Power

This step is fairly easy as you just need to generate orbs of power. For that, you can get kills with Masterworked weapons or you can just head to the moon and put up a banner near the Lectern. After that fast travel to Sorrow’s Harbour and keep use your super. You can keep repeating this until you are done with 50 Orbs.

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Step 6: Speak To Crow Again

Now, Crow will provide you with locations that you need to investigate in the EDZ.

Step 7: Collect More Paracausal Feathers

Go to the provided locations and collect Paracausal feathers. These locations are very easy to find as they are very straightforward.

Step 8: Kill Guardians Or Kill Champions

If you want to kill guardians you can load up Crucible or Gambit. Crucible would be the better option here and if the Mayhem mode is available that week, join that as it would be much easier. You can also join Team Scorched or momentum Control to get it done fast.

if you plan on killing Champions, then you can play Nightfall strikes on Hero difficulty or you can do Public events.

Step 9: Complete The Crow And The Hawk Quest

Just complete this mission and that would be all. Here you need to collect Hawkmoon parts and kill whatever comes your way to complete the quest.

The final chest would provide you with a Hawkmoon but it won’t have any rolls in the third column. If you want good rolls on this weapon, then you need to play and complete the Harbinger quest. Playing this quest is also necessary for acquiring the catalyst of this weapon as the catalyst makes this weapon more powerful.

The Harbinger mission can also provide you with the opportunity to earn the Exotic Ship Radiant Accipiter. To earn that you need to run the mission every week and collect more Paracasual Feathers as you go through the mission.

So, this is how to get Hawkmoon Destiny 2. We hope that this would be of help to you.

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