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There are quite a few Exotic swords in Destiny 2 such as The Lament, Worldline Zero, and Black Talon. Among all of these, The Lament is said to be the best as it can deal huge amounts of damage on the Target and also heal you while doing so. Recently, with the Duality Dungeon came along a new sword, Heartshadow and this could surpass The Lament.

Heartshadow is an exotic void sword that comes with the perk Exhumation, which turns you invisible and fires exploding void projectiles when heavy attacks are made with full sword energy. It also has another perk called Shot In The Dark, which provides the weapon with increased damage for a brief duration, and hitting targets with this weapon’s projectiles while the perk is active weakens them. So how do you get this weapon?

How To Get Heartshadow Destiny 2

This exotic sword only drops from the final encounter of the Duality dungeon. Though the drop rate of the weapon is quite low, but it can be increased by completing the Triumphs related to the dungeon. The weapon also has a Catalyst. So how to get Destiny 2 Heartshadow catalyst?

destiny 2 heartshadow exotic sword

How To Get Heartshadow’s Catalyst?

Similar to the weapon the catalyst can only be obtained from the Duality dungeon. Here is how you can get the weapons catalyst.

Step 1: First Encounter

You need to start a new run of the dungeon and then head to the second lore collectible in the Nightmare realm. A miniboss will appear there and you need to defeat it. He will drop a standard pick that up and it needs to be planted in the reality behind the bell at the bottom of the room. Also, be cautious about the timer of the standard when you pick it up.

destiny 2 exotic sword

Here is how you can get the New Trespasser Exotic Sidearm In Destiny 2.

Step 2: Second Encounter

To complete the second encounter you need to go to the part with two levers. Defeat the mini-boss there and obtain the standard which needs to be planted in the room with the rotating statues. Go to a place where you can grab the bonus chest and change realms. The plate would be right there and you just need to plant it.

Step 3: Third Encounter

To clear the third and final encounter you need to go to the room that has a white-cloth-covered square. Go up the catwalk in the main room and then look towards the door behind you. A boss will spawn there and you need to defeat it and go back to the first lower bell. Now, go up to where the boss spawns before the boss room. You will find a half oval shape against the wall in the middle of the little square. Plant the banner there and a chest will spawn that will provide you with the weapons catalyst.

Everytime you pick up a banner from the nightmare realm after defeating a boss, there will be a timer on it.

destiny 2 duality dungeon

After obtaining the catalyst of the weapon you need to kill 400 enemies with the weapon and that will complete the catalyst. The Catalyst provides the weapon another perk called Wraithwalk, which increases your movement speed while you are invisible and also increases the Ammo capacity by +50.

So, that is how you obtain Heartshadown Destiny 2 and Destiny 2 Heartshadows catalyst. Go get it now.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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