How To Get High Stats Armor Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, one of the most frustrating things for solo players is to get High-stats armor. Before the witch queen expansion, it was quite easy to get your hands on high stats armor by focusing umbral engrams in the H.E.L.M. But now that is not possible as the prismatic recaster has been removed from the game.

But still, there are a few ways by following which you can get your hands on such armor if you are a solo player. So, here we will break down all the ways by following which you can get high stats armor in destiny 2 solo.

How To Get Solo High Stats Armor Destiny 2

Though the ways to earn high stats armor might have been removed from the game with the witch queen expansion but new sources have been added to the game as well and the list of how to get them has been provided below. But before we get down to that what do you mean by high stats armor?

Get High Stats Armor

High Stats armor refers to any drop that has a stats total of 65+, though for most people 60+ is the benchmark but these days you can get 60+ with ease just by doing random activities in the game. Any armor that has a stat roll of 65 and above can be considered as high stats armor. 69+ is the highest armor stat that is said to be the highest achievable, if you have acquired more than that do share it below in the comment section!

Coming back to how to get high stats armor in destiny 2, take a look at the sources below.

Empire Hunts (Hero)

Empire hunts are a great way to get some high-stats Crystocrene armor. This activity has matchmaking and can be done solo with ease. Though the armor drop is rare but you can repeat it as many as you want because it doesn’t take much of your time as you can just ignore the champions and kill the bosses necessary to complete it.

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If you have a fireteam then you can play the higher difficulty empire hunts and that will guarantee an easy high stat armor. But to get high stats armor drop from the first Empire hunt each week you need to unlock and complete the European Gear III upgrade in the Sabotage quest available with Variks.

Get High Stats Exotic Armor Destiny 2

Prime Engrams

Though prime engrams don’t guarantee armor drops but they have a 50-50 chance of dropping one and you can get prime engrams from any activities in the game. After acquiring them you can focus them at Master Rahool in the tower.

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Another way to earn prime engrams is the vendors in the Tower, namely Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and The Drifter. You can complete bounties provided by them and level up their ranks to get prime engrams which have a very good chance to drop high stats armor.

Lord Saladin

Lord Saladin is a vendor in charge of Iron Banner and provides bounties that drop pinnacle gear but he is not available all the time. But by playing Iron Banner, you can get Iron Banner tokens that when turned in provides you with iron banner weapons or armor. There is a very good chance that you can get high-stats armor from these drops.

Destiny 2 High Stats Armor

Iron Banner has a Freelance option that allows you to play along with other Solo players if you don’t want to get bulldozed by teams made of an entire clan.


Saint-14 is the Trials of Osiris vendor in destiny 2 and he has had a massive revamp to his reward system and is just like the other vendors in the tower. Saint-14 is available only on the weekends when Xur comes to Destiny 2 world but Trials Of Osiris is unavailable when Iron Banner is active.

High Stats Armor Destiny 2 Vendor

Saint-14 can also provide you with high starts armor as according to a lot of players the armor drops generally have high stats. You can focus trials engrams to get armor but it’s damn costly and will east through your legendary shards like a whale.

Throne World

The throne world destination has been added to Destiny 2 with the witch queen expansion and there are two great sources here to earn high stats armor. The first is the replayable heroic or above missions that will provide you with high stats armor and also Ascendant Alloys which are very necessary for weapons crafting. But to get access to that you need to increase your throne world reputation and unlock the upgrade called Replayable Campaign Missions At Higher Difficulties.

Easy High Stats Armor Destiny 2 Guide

The second way is to play Wellspring Activities heroic or above and this will provide with throne world weapons and high stats veritas armor. To get access to various difficulties of this activity you need to unlock The Wellspring Higher Difficulties upgrade. Along with high stats armor, it will also provide ascendant alloys and weapon patterns for the Exotic Glaives.

War Table (H.E.L.M)

In the War Table, there are seasonal upgrades that you can unlock to get High Stats seasonal armor. The seasonal activities will provide you with the materials that are required to unlock these upgrades upon completion of relevant weekly quests. You can focus your umbral engrams to get high stats from there as well.

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You can also equip ghost mods in the third slot of your ghost to get high stats armor while focusing these umbral engrams.

Get High Stats Armor In Destiny 2

Raids And Dungeons

This goes without saying that raids and dungeons are the best sources to earn high stats armor but that can be quite tough if you are a solo player. But if you want to join a raid or dungeon run then you can join fireteams on the Bungie LFG server to complete the raid or dungeon that you want and get high stats armor. You can also join a clan and ask your clanmates to help you out with a raid or a dungeon.

So, there you have it. These are the best ways to earn High stats armor Destiny 2 and we hope this has been of help to you. If you are aware of any other method apart from the ones mentioned here feel free to share it down below.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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