Get The Title SMG In Destiny 2

The Witch Queen expansion of d2 brought us quite a lot of weapons such as Parasite, Osteo Striga, Grand Overture, and also the catalyst of some of the best weapons in Destiny 2 such as Le Monarque, Whisper Of The Worm, etc. It also brought us some of the best legendary weapons as well such as Funnelweb SMG which is also said to be the Recluse 2.0 and now with the introduction of Guardian Games 2022 we are getting another legendary SMG and that is The Title SMG Destiny 2.

The Title Is 750 RPM Legendary void SMG that has been added to Destiny 2 in the Guardians Games 2020. The weapon comes with the origin trait Classy Contender, which provides class ability energy upon final blows of this weapon. The weapon also has quite a lot of great rolls. Now, comes the part of obtaining the weapon; so how do you get this weapon?

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How To Get The Title SMG Destiny 2

The Title SMG can be obtained by completing the Best In Class quest. This is a small quest and can be picked up from Eva Levante in the tower. After the completion of the quest, you can go back to Eva Levante and she will provide you with the weapon that has a Grave Robber and Vorpal Weapon roll.

It should also be noted that you cannot get the quest if you discard it by accident. 

How To Get The Title In Destiny 2

How Good Is The Title SMG Destiny 2?

Looking at the perk pool of the weapon it can be said that it might be a meta breaker and thus would easily fit into the Void 3.0 change. This weapon is an absolute winner in PvE and you can also expect to see this weapon play out quite a lot in the Crucible as well due to it providing class energy on final blows.

The best rolls for this weapon would be a combination of Perpetual Motion/Threat Detector and Vorpal Weapon/Swashbuckler/One For All would slay in the game.

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So, this is how you can get The Title Destiny 2 during the Guardian Games 2022. We hope this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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