How To Get Tommy's Matchbook In Destiny 2

Auto Rifles might not be at the top of the meta right now but they are significantly used in the game. Solar weapons are in quite high demand right now due to Solar 3.0 and Tommy’s Matchbook is one of the right weapons to have right now. Though you have weapons like Hard Light, etc. that can change their elements in accordance to the need of the user but Tommy’s Matchbook would be a great weapon to have in the Solar 3.0.

Tommy’s Matchbook is a 720 RPM solar exotic auto rifle that comes with the perk Ignition Trigger, which provides the weapon with increased damage upon sustained fire but it burns the user. It also has another perk called Heat Sink, which reduces the Overheat damage of the weapon when not fired while aimed down sight. So, how to get this weapon?

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How To Get Tommy’s Matchbook Destiny 2

The weapon was a part of the Season pass reward of the season of the worthy but now it can be obtained in exchange for a few resources and those are

After having all these you can find your way to the Shadowkeep section of the Monuments Of Lost Lights in The Tower and get the weapon.

Get Exotic auto rifle Tommy's Matchbook in Destiny 2

Now, the weapon also has a catalyst that can be obtained by completing a small quest. So, how to get Destiny 2 Tommy’s Matchbook catalyst?

How To Get Tommy’s Matchbook Catalyst?

The catalyst can be found by completing a small quest and the quest is obtainable from Banshee-44. The quest is called A Good Match and there are three objectives in the quest.

  • Earn 400 Points
  • Get 200 Auto Rifle Combatants Multikills
  • Get 100 Auto Rifle Guardians Multikills

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And that would be all. This can be done by playing the Strikes and Crucible Playlist, though Gambit is also another option but these would be enough. Using the weapon while completing these activities is also not necessary and can be carried out using any weapon.

Tommy's Matchbook Destiny 2 catalyst quest

But to complete the catalyst of the weapon you need 700 kills with Tommy’s Matchbook Destiny 2. The catalyst of the weapon provides it with another perk called Heat Of The Moment, which makes your health recover much faster when the Ignition Trigger perk is active.

So, that is how you get Tommy’s Matchbook Destiny 2 and Tommy’s Matchbook Destiny 2 catalyst. We hope this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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