How To Get Vigilance Wing In Destiny 2

Pulse Rifles have always been one of the best weapons for PvP in Destiny 2. Pulse Rifles such as Graviton Lance, No Time To Explain, etc can be seen quite often in the game. Among all the pulses in the game, the Vigilance Wing is the best, it has superb handling, stability, range and damage as well and you can see it quite often in the crucible as well.

Vigilance Wing Destiny 2 is a kinetic exotic pulse rifle that comes with the perk Harsh Truths, which enables the weapon in firing a 5-round burst and also allows the wielder gain health regenaration and movement speed when an ally is killed nearby. The weapon also has another perk called Last Stand, which provides you with increased weapons performance and recovery when you are the last living member of the team. So, how do you get it?

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How To Get Vigilance Wing Destiny 2

This weapon is a part of the world drop pool and can be obtained by doing random PvE and PvP activities in the game. You can also acquire the weapon from exotic engrams and also from Xur when he sells it.

Catalyst for Vigilance Wing Destiny 2

Vigilance Wing also has a exotic catalyst and here is how you can get Vigilance Wing Catalyst.

How To Get Destiny 2 Vigilance Wing Catalyst?

The catalyst for Vigilance wing can be obtained by killing guardians in the crucible and to complete the catalyst for the weapon you need 250 Guardian kills with the weapon and also 5 Blood For Blood medals.

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The completed catalyst of the weapon provides it with another perk called Full Auto Trigger System, which makes the weapon fire full-auto while holding down the trigger and do huge amounts of damage in a shortwhile.

So, there you have it. This is how you can obtain Vigilance Wing Destiny 2 and also the Destiny 2 vigilance wing catalyst. We hope this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting Guardians!

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