Steps To Get Sunshot Destiny 2

If you are a hand-cannon lover, you must have for sure heard about Sunshot Destiny 2! Sunshot is an exotic solar hand cannon and along with that, it is also the only 150 RPM hand cannon in the game. The weapon doesn’t get much light in endgame contents such ass Trails Of Osiris or Raid or GM Nightfalls. But if you can use this weapon quite very much in lower-tier gameplay such as Contol in The Crucible and other PvE activities.

The reason this weapon isn’t seen much in the crucible is because it’s a 150 RPM hand cannon and the 140 RPM hand cannons are the meta right now. When it comes to PvE content is because it’s an energy weapon and there are quite a lot of better options for the energy slot. But despite all these, it’s a great weapon, and here is how you can get this.

How To Get Sunshot Destiny 2?

Before we talk about how to get the weapon, it’s best we talk about the perks and traits of the weapon. Sunshot comes with the exotic perk called Sunburn, which makes this weapon fire explosive rounds and also highlights the targets that take damage from the weapon. The trait of the weapon is called Sun Blast, which makes the targets explode with solar energy when they are killed.

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This perk is quite similar to Firefly but here you don’t need to get precision shots to activate the perk. And just like Firefly, when the enemies die from this weapon they cause damage to others besides them as well. Now, how do you get this weapon?

Get Sunshot Destiny 2

This weaon is a part of the world drop pool and can drop at anytime while doing random activities or you can purchase it fron Xur, when he sells it.

Now, this Sunshot Destiny 2 also comes with a catalyst and how do you get it?

How To Get Sunshot Catalyst Destiny 2?

The Sunshot catalyst drops from doing activities like Playlist Strikes or by playing Crucible matches. But it’s quite important that you get the catalyst and complete it. The reason is that, the catalyst of the weapon increases the range of the weaoin by 27 and also increases the stability of the weapon by 18. This upgrade boosts the weaopon a lot and the difeerence can be felt while using it.

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Completion of the catalyst of the weapon is the real grind as you need to kill 500 enemies and also kill 1000 enemies with the Sun Blast explosion of the weapon. The best way to farm the catalyst is to head to Altar of Sorrow’s and do the public events. Or you can go to the Thrallway in The Shattered Throne and start slaying enemies with it.

So, there you have it. This is how you can get Sunshot Destiny 2 and also get abd complete the Sunshot cayalyst Destiny 2. Hopefully, this has been of help to you.

Happy Hunting!

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