The Top 5 Alternatives Of Coldheart

Trace Rifles are quite a unique weapon type in Destiny 2. All Trace Rifles fire a continuous beam of energy that damages combatants with near-perfect accuracy. These weapons come with different and special perks which cannot be found on any other weapon because all trace rifles belong to the Exotic category.

Coldheart is a great Trace Rifle but this weapon can be hard to obtain if you have bad RNG. So, if you have been looking for alternatives of Coldheart, then here are the top 5 alternatives of Coldheart. We hope this would be of help to you.

The Top 5 Alternatives Of Coldheart


Divinity is by far the best Trace Rifle in the game when it comes to endgame activities. This weapon is available exclusively from the Garden Of Salvation Raid and the best part is that it can stun overload champions, which makes it a great choice for GM content. Though the weapon might not have as much damage capacity as the Coldheart but it does make up for that with utility.

When fired upon an enemy, it creates a Vex cage around the target and that also deals precision damage upon the enemy and the enemy also receives 25% extra damage when fired upon.

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Ager’s Scepter

There have been Arc, Void, Solar Trace rifles in the game but the Ager’s Scepter is the first Stasis Trace Rifle. This weapon is an add-clearing machine and it slows the enemies that are hit by its beam. It can also freeze the enemies that are near to the defeated enemy and also shatter them.

The best part about this weapon is its catalyst which uses your super and causes 80% more damage to the enemies hit by it. When fires using a fully charged super it resembles Choas Reach. The weapon was introduced in the Season Of The Lost and has become a part of various GM Nightfall builds.

Prometheus Lens

If you are looking for a solar add-clearing weapon, then Prometheus Lens is your answer. The weapon can clear hordes of adds within a matter of seconds The best part about this weapon is the fact that you don’t need to reload it again and again as it reloads itself when an enemy is killed with this weapon.

This weapon only lacks anti-champion properties and thus it is not used in endgame contents. Apart from that, you can use this weapon in Gambit and also in the Momentum Control playlist of the Crucible.


Wavesplitter is a great option for a Trace Rifle if you are looking for something in Void. This weapon can cause a heavy amount of damage but this depends upon how much ammo you have used. With a little bit of practice, one can quite understand how this weapon works and use this in both PvP and PvE.

The PvE usage of this weapon is very low and because it lacks a catalyst. When paired with the Trace Rifle mods, this weapon can be beast in PvP and it can also be used as a Primary weapon when coupled with Trace Rifle scavengers.

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Ruinous Effigy

The weapon is obtainable from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower and it would cost you an Ascendant Shard, an Exotic Chipper, 125,000 Glimmer, and 200 Helium Fragments. This weapon used to be one of the best trace rifles in Destiny 2 but received an out-of-the-blue 25% nerf during Beyond Light expansion.

This weapon can be somewhat used in PvE and it would a smart choice on your part if you don’t use this in PvP. The weapon actually transforms the body of a defeated enemy into a Transmutation Sphere that can be grabbed and dunked into the ground to cause a massive amount of damage to nearby enemies.

So, there you have it. These are the top 5 alternatives of Coldheart. So, get these weapons and start using them.

Happy Hunting!

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