Top 5 Hand Cannon Destiny 2

Hand Cannons have always been one of the most common choices of weapons in Destiny 2. It’s literally impossible to play a Crucible where a player is not using one. They have also become quite common in PvE activities such as Grandmaster Nightfalls, Raids, etc. because of the buff they received in the Season Of The Lost.

There are majorly three different types of Hand Cannons, i.e. 120 RPM, 140 RPM, and 180 RPM. Now, there are a few exceptions such as Sunshot, which is a 150RPM, and Eriana’s Vow which is a 90 RPM Hand Cannon, etc. So, it’s up to a guardian to decide which type of Hand Cannon fits their play style and it is also the key to bee good at this game.

So, here we will be talking about Top 5 Hand Cannon Destiny 2. There are two categories of Hand Cannon’s, which are Exotic hand-cannon and Legendary Hand Cannon. We will be talking about both these categories of hand cannons.

Top 5 Hand Cannon Destiny 2

Lets’ start with the Legendary Hand Cannons in the game.

Top 5 Legendary Hand Cannons


Fatebringer is a 140 RPM Kinetic hand cannon that is available only from the Vault of Glass Raid. This is a raid exclusive hand cannon and if you are willing to get this weapon, then you need to grind the Vault of Glass raid. The god roll for this weapon is Explosive Payload in the third slot and Firefly/Frenzy in the last slot. The master version of the same raid drops a Timelost version of the weapon as well, which is basically an Adept version and you can equip Adept mods to it.

VoG Hand Cannon Destiny 2

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The Palindrome

The Palindrome is another 140 RPM Energy hand cannon. This is arguably the best hand cannon in the game and is often compared with the Fatebringer. This weapon was introduced in the Season of The Chosen as Nightfall rewards. The God Roll for this weapon would be Overflow/Outlaw in the third column and Rangefinder/One For All in the final column. This weapon also has an Adept Version that lets you equip Adept Mods on this weapon.

Top Destiny 2 Hand Cannon


Vulpecula is a 180 RPM Stasis Kinetic hand cannon. This weapon has been introduced in the Season Of The Lost. This weapon was an instant hit as it comes with perks such as Adagio, Ensomble, Headstone, and all-time favorites such as Outlaw and Explosive Payload. The reason this weapon is so good is because of the Stasis element, which plays an important part in quite a lot of Stasis Builds. This weapon can be farmed from the Umbral Engrams through the Prismatic Recaster.

Destiny 2 Hand cannon

Waking Vigil

Waking Vigil is very easy to farm as it drops from completing activities in the Dreaming City such as Bounties, Ascendant Challenges, Weekly Missions, and also Dreaming City chest. This is a 140 RPM Energy Hand Cannon and can also drop with perks such as Outlaw and Dragonfly. The best place to farm this weapon is through the Shattered Throne Dungeon.

Dreaming City Hand Cannon Destiny 2


Season of the Lost reintroduced the Trails Of The Nine Weapons and Judgement is by far the favorite weapon among all these reintroduced weapons. This weapon only drops from the Phalanx Echo encounter and you can just keep repeating this encounter to farm the God Roll of this weapon, which is Demolitionist and Timed Payload.

Legendary Hand Cannon Destiny 2

So, those were all the Legendary Hand Cannons, now, let’s move on to Exotic Hand Cannons.

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Top 5 Exotic Hand Cannons

Ace Of Spades

Ace Of Spades belonged to Cayde-6 and was introduced in the Forsaken Expansion of the game. This weapon is often referred to as the King Of hand Cannons. Ace of Spades is a 140 RPM Kinetic Hand Cannon and it rolls with Firefly. Its Exotic perk makes this weapon gain additional damage when reloaded after a kill for a few shots. The weapon has been nerfed several times and still tops the Trials Of Osiris charts.

Top Hand Cannon Destiny 2


Hawkmoon is a Destiny-1 hand cannon that was reintroduced in the Season Of The Hunt in the Beyond Light Expansion. It is a 140 RPM Kinetic hand Cannon and the exotic perk of this weapon allows it to gain bonus damage after landing precision hits. This is also the first Exotic weapon to come with random rolls. So, if you want to get this weapon with a roll of your choice, then you need to grind the Harbinger Quest every week.

How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2

The Last Word

The Last Word is an exception just like the Sunshot and Eriana’s Vow. It is a 225 RPM hand Cannon which is fully automatic. This weapon is very good in PvP due to its hip-fire and is also quite popular in PvE. The Last Word is mostly used by Controller players and is a good option for mouse and keyboard players as well if they know how to use it.

Hand Cannon Destiny 2


Sunshot is a 150 RPM Energy Hand Cannon that started seeing a lot of play recently after the Hand Cannon buff in the Season Of The Lost. The exotic perk of this weapon allows it to have a firefly-type perk active all the time and what’s better is that you don’t have to land precision shots for the targets to explode.

Exotic Hand Cannon Destiny 2

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Thorn is another 140 RPM Kinetic Hand Cannon that has always been a favorite in the Crucible. This weapon combined with the Necrotic Grip Warlock Exotic gauntlet can do some serious damage. The exotic perk of this weapon does lingering damage to a target for a short duration. The best part about this weapon is the fact that it has very low recoil.

How To Get Thorn Destiny 2

So, these are some of the Top 5 Hand Cannon Destiny 2. All the weapons are very easy to acquire and we hope that you will be able to acquire all these with ease.

Happy Gaming!

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